New Google Plus search update, old post design back: Update

Google Plus is not dying and it is most certainly not going anywhere, but what Google is doing is updating the social networking site on a regular basis. But today the Google Plus post design seems to have gone back to the old design and the search has been updated.

New Google Plus search update, old post design back: Update

Over the last few weeks we have seen Google Plus updates such as a new design in the way the posts look, even though they changed back to the old design once but then the new design roll out when global. Another update included profile views etc.

Another update included the new Google Plus join community buttons in recommended, and today we have noticed when you search in Google Plus it shows profile circles rather than the squares.

The Google Plus profile photos in circle format are now showing in Google Plus search and they look great, profile photos are circular so it made sense to incorporate this with G+ search.

If you look at the image above you will see both old and new Google Plus post designs, for some reason we are now seeing the old design again and not too sure why. We know if you grab a URL address from certain websites they will show up both new and old design dependant on what site you get the article from. But, we still share our own news articles and it used to show the new design but as of today it changed back to the old design – mystery continues.

Are you seeing the old Google Plus post design again, or can you still see the new design?

UPDATE: And yet again the new Google+ design is back again.