London Tube Strike latest news and tweet responses

Those that travel using the London underground will be somewhat annoyed with the latest news of the ongoing strike by Tube workers, Londoners are having serious problems with getting to work Twitter has gone crazy with tweet responses and a Tube Map for walking was created.

London Tube Strike latest news and tweet responses

The 48-hour Tube strike expected to end tonight has caused chaos in London after Tube workers went on strike because of ticket office closures, members of the Transport union, Rail and Maritime will end the 48-hour walkout around 9pm but will also have a three-day walkout next week starting May 5th.

Since the strike there has been major delays for Tubes and massive queues for buses, RMT said the strike was solidly supported; picket lines etc will be put outside Tube stations. If you are having issues getting London public transport we recommend you taking a look at the bigger Tube map for walking via The Independent.

Since the London Tube strike started Twitter has been going ballistic with tweets, the #tubestrike hashtag on Twitter is seeing many users tweeting some are funny and some a really annoyed – here are a few below.

Tom Bowker says, “For next week’s #tubestrike, can we ban private cars from the roads? So buses/taxis/bikes will actually be able to move.”

Cal - Ran from Shoreditch to Chiswick last night because of the #tubestrike … Safe to say, I didn’t think it through.

Kaya Burgess [Times] - TfL saw the highest ever number of Cycle Hires yesterday at 49,025 during the #tubestrike, beating the scheme’s launch date and Olympic peak.

Christina Marie - relieved I came back to Bristol yesterday before the #tubestrike! thinking of all you stressed out commuters today. #staystrong.

What are your views on the London Tube strike?