Gmail login password help not changing issue

The last few weeks have been it and miss for a few Gmail users when it comes to login in, after the Heartbleed news went crazy users believed this was the main problem and were prompted to change their passwords.

Gmail login password help not changing issue

Social media went loopy when the Heartbleed SSL bug news was raised, and a few weeks ago there were concerns about it targeting the likes of Facebook and Gmail email logins.

Even Gabe Rivera on Twitter said there were basic steps to protect yourself from the #Heartbleed, 1) Changing the Gmail password, 2) Tell friends to follow @Techmeme, 3) Change Facebook password. But, for now let’s concentrate on the Gmail login password help not changing issue.

If you visit Gmail user comments are coming in, one comment explained they tried to access the Gmail site but it would not let them in, they reported there was a problem with the site’s security codes and it isn’t safe to visit the site.

Another Gmail user said, “Today no email just constant requests to update account and non recognition of password aaaaaagh.”

@djmdmdf said, “@gmail you having server issues? I changed my password, tried to connect new acct to my iPhone and keep getting error… @google.”

@breannbayiel said Google’s Gmail is down for users around the world.

We here at OSM can login into our Gmail accounts with no problems at all, even though there has bee Gmail login password help for some it is not helping.

Are you having Gmail login password problems?