Gmail, FIFA scam is a phishing attempt

There is a new letter being sent to Gmail users titled ‘FIFA & Gmail 2014 Network Promotional Award’, if you get this do not open.

The new Gmail scam going around at the moment was first reported by Barry Schwartz over on Search Engine Roundtable, this is a phishing attempt persuading Gmail users to claim their $920,000.

The network promotion award says you have won, which we know you never win unless you entered something in the first place. In the notification letter it says out of 5-million Gmail addresses five were finally picked and guess what! You are apparently the winner – DO NOT fool for this drivel.

Gmail users are asked to fill out a form and this is when they can steal your money, Google will never send these sorts of emails out. Please read the full FIFA & Gmail 2014 Network Promotional Award scam letter below.

Have you received any Gmail scam emails of late?

Gmail, FIFA scam is a phishing attempt