Google Plus social logins, Facebook referral dominance: Update

Everyone has their own opinion about Google Plus and Facebook when it comes to social satisfaction, but stats are stats and social login numbers are what they are. Both of these stand strong when it comes to social logins in the first quarter of 2014.

When it comes to social logins Facebook are the dominant with 53% and Google Plus has 30% of all logins, Yahoo has dipped by 2% dropping to 13% over the last quarter.

The latest infographic showing the landscape of social login below comes via a report from consumer-management-suite provider Gigya. Facebook are the ones who show dominance when it comes to referral traffic in Q1 2014, the study includes over 300,000 websites gaining over 400-million unique visitors per month by Shareaholic.

According to the study Facebook garnered 21.25 percent of the overall traffic received by the sites it calculated in March. The traffic share was up by around 38 percent compared with December 2013.

In North America Facebook had 51% of social logins in Q1 2014, Google Plus sat at 31%, in Europe (Includes Russia) Facebook was at 59% and G+ at 10%, South America 80% FB and G+ 13%, Africa/Middle East FB 78% with Google Plus at 9%.

Please do take a look at the full infographic below – Are you a little surprised by Gigya’s first-quarter-2014 social logins?

UPDATE: Please do read our recent article on Google continuing to pinch market share from Facebook here.

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