Google Plus Notifications update stands out with titles

Google Plus not so long ago released its new notifications update, which looks so much cleaner and has more elements.

Google Plus Notifications update stands out with titles

Before the Google Plus notifications panel showed how many +1s a post or photo had, but now it only shows who +1′d it. So for example if we opened our G Plus notification panel it would say ‘John Doe +1′d: Are you happy to see Google Now on desktops via Chrome?

What is very interesting is the fact when someone +1s a post it shows the title and not the body description of the post in the notifications panel, which means everyone should add a title to a post or photo – DO NOT just add a post and then leave a title out.

For more exposure it makes sense to add a title, make titles bold by adding a * at the beginning and the end of a title – for example *OSM is such a great site, do you agree or disagree?*

The Google Plus notifications also show – Reshared, Mentioned and Commented on.

What you should do
Use titles at all times, Make titles bold, When adding a photo there will not be a description like when you add a URL so still add a title with a * at the beginning and end of a title or question etc – this is Google Plus formatting that works well – Also if you are replying to someone always put @ before their name – so we could say, “@Mark Chubb is right in what he say’s, but there are always more that can be added to what he say’s.” By putting the @ at the beginning it will highlight that name and go to their Google Plus profile.

Do you like the Google Plus notifications panel new look?

  • Anonymously Anon

    I hate the way of how this looks. It’s very bad and I loate it. I despite it and detest it.

    Google should leave it as it is. And then they complain why people like Facebook better. I wish we could change it back because It is very bad.