New 2016 Ford Bronco price tease and Twitter reactions

Social networking with the likes of Twitter and other websites can be socially rewarding, and when April Fool’s Day hit we find many pranks rather funny. But, one particular prank was not found to be funny on Twitter at all, and this was the one covering the new 2016 Ford SVT Bronco.

New 2016 Ford Bronco price tease and Twitter reactions

Truck Trend Magazine tweeted this below, and when you visit their website you will see an in-depth article covering the new 2016 Ford Bronco.

So many websites reported that the 2016 Ford SBT Bronco was official, apparently releasing in 2015 after a massive 20-year break. So many people were fooled and over on Twitter it seems it was not funny at all judging on the tweets that came in.

The new 2-door 4×4 SUV with its rather large grille fooled so many people, even Product-Reviews teased its readers by titling their article ‘2016 Ford Bronco price and interior’ and many readers probably got the impression they were going to see the price of the new Bronco, one of their comments said it was a tease - but Product Reviews did ask if Ford should consider making the 2016 SVT Bronco, do you think they should?

Looking at the new truck it looks rather nice, a massive tailgate, chrome bumpers and very large 6 lug aluminum wheels. Ford should really consider building it with three different engine options – check out the full interior here that went out on April Fool’s Day.

Should Ford build the new 2016 SVT Bronco?

  • hearn

    motor trend sucks for what they did!