Retail traffic trends increase via social media

Nothing will ever beat natural search when it comes to retail traffic, but we cannot count out social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc for driving traffic to retail websites.

Retail traffic trends increase via social media

Social media websites are very important in driving traffic, ANI News reported earlier today about 7 percent comes via these social media sites and about 96 percent retailers promote their social networks in their ads.

We have to all remember by posting onto the likes of Facebook and Google Plus etc it gives more exposure in natural search rank, which obviously drives more traffic to your retail website. It is all about being consistent with your followers.

Ads for the majority are like the devil; they are avoided by millions at all costs and not clicked. We believe in natural search, it has worked for millions around the world. A real good way to drive traffic to retail websites through social media is by using hashtags and of course regular posts and getting to know your social followers.

What has worked for you for getting traffic to your retail website?