Facebook culprits for overcrowding ads

Everywhere you look Facebook is crowded with ads, they are everywhere within your news feed. Sponsored adverts are annoying for most and helpful for others, but one thing is for sure they are all over the place and some believe they will get worse as time goes on.

Facebook culprits for overcrowding ads

You do not see ads all over Google Plus or Twitter, all you need to do is click on Facebook Home and there are all the ads, click on your name and yet again the ads appear.

Facebook are the culprits for overcrowding ads, social media advertising is big business and it is what makes Mark Zuckerberg and team a lot of money, but it has been said they need to tone it down.

We do not mind ads at all, what we do mind it overpowering ads. Facebook is brilliant at solving leads for businesses, we know it is the fastest growing social media platform but effective ads are great, overcrowding its customer base with ads is not.

Do ads entice people to visit Facebook? Competitions always pull in users, but for the majority we do not want to see ads all over the place, the whole idea to join Facebook was to interact with friends and family, NOT corporations’ and businesses. When you look at your personal Facebook news feeds you see ads everywhere, but when you look at say our OSM Facebook wall you do not see any ads.

Facebook engaging, effectiveness, building user base does not need to be done with adverts – minimal ads YES, overcrowding NO.

WSJ reported about Twitter getting a whole lot of ads soon, so much so there will be 15 types of ads – It will end up being like a sci-fi movie where ads will take over the world.

Google Plus is very clean and very informative, and the best advertising is by you interacting with companies and G+ people.

Why do we need business ads when in some cases they do not work? Be honest, how many of you actually click on the ads shown on your timeline? Could sit here all day throwing questions out.