Google Now notifications for Chrome on desktops and issues

Google’s regularly shockingly correct individual partner software is coming to Windows PCs and Macs by means of the Chrome program. Google’s offered Google Now for Android gadgets for quite a while installed in the working framework, and in addition inside an application for iOS clients.

It will be “taking off through the following few weeks” and will depend on a client being marked into a Google account on their Chrome desktop that is likewise been utilized for Google Now on Android or iOS.

Google Now works in a comparative manner to Apple’s Siri, in that it can translate regular dialect inquiries postured to it, which bodes well given that pursuit remains Google’s center item.

Google Now goes a bit more remote than that, notwithstanding, utilizing Google’s Knowledge Graph task to tie together the outcomes of all that you do with Google items to give more customized effect cards that can reveal to you everything from the speediest course home to the effects of your most loved games group.

It’s grand when it meets expectations, yet its likewise an indication of precisely what amount of information Google has on you and how it can entwine everything, which could be noticeably capturing when you first begin to utilize.

There are a few having issues and asking if this new update will install automatically, even though they say they are singed-in to their Google account but they do not seem to be getting Google Now notifications for Chrome on their desktop - Are you having issues?

Are you happy to see Google Now on desktops via Chrome?

Google Now notifications for Chrome on desktops and issues