Why college students, grads need LinkedIn

LinkedIn has never been as exciting as Facebook or Twitter, it may be ok for the professional in business or seeking a new job but for a college student it is not what you call stimulating.

When I was in College it was way before we had these social networks, but I can still tell you I would have not of been over excited about LinkedIn if I was in College because it is too serious.

LinkedIn is a massive social network and in a way fairly confusing to say the least, too much is going on and profiles are normally in-depth to complete. If I went up to a college student now and asked them what social site they are on you can bet your bottom dollar they would say Facebook, Twitter and not LinkedIn – that is what you would think right?

If you are a college student and not on the LinkedIn network just yet I would whole-heartedly ask you to reconsider, go set-up your profile now, and for help visit this page here on how to do it step-by-step. By following the LinkedIn profile checklist you will know for sure you have set it up properly.

LinkedIn is not only great for getting your foot in the door with potential companies for when you graduate, it is also a very good place to be for internships. LinkedIn can provide you with the perfect internship, set up your profile so internships can find you and recruiters from all the top companies will have better knowledge and will see what sort of talent you as the student has.

It is all about grabbing the attention, do not sit on LinkedIn without doing anything, make a noise and make yourself known with the perfect profile.

Who Uses LinkedIn? The numbers include over 259 million professionals, over 60k college and university alumni groups, 150+ industries, 30 million+ students and recent grads, 2.9M+ companies and executives from every Fortune 500 company.

30 million+ students and recent grads obviously have the right idea, do you?

I do not have to sit here and go through the whole ins-and-outs of why you the college student need LinkedIn, with the stats shown above we say that is more than enough on their own.

The LinkedIn need for college students

  • Bridget McDowall

    Great article. As a recent Marketing/management graduate myself, if asked which social media platform I use most I would probably say Facebook BUT closely followed with LinkedIn. The competition in landing a grad or entry level job in Australia is huge, so I do spend quite a lot of time on LinkedIn. I am probably in the minority though!

    I think the real value through this platform exists by making a noise and not being scared to reach out to those experienced professionals for guidance, advice and general networking benefits.