Shanti Dynamite vs Sunny Leone after Babydoll pose copy

Comparisons always happen when two beautiful young ladies are mentioned in the news, especially when one is not too happy with the other, this is the case of Shanti Dynamite vs Sunny Leone and the Babydoll video pose copy.

Adult movie star Shanti Dynamite in the YouTube video courtesy of Bollywood Uncut below explains how she feels about Sunny Leone copying her look, Shanti Dynamite said Leone is clearly copying her look in the new Babydoll music video for the movie ‘Ragini MMS 2′.

Shanti Dynamite is hoping to get into Bollywood, but in the meantime she visited India and in an interview explains how a lot of people contacted Shanti Dynamite saying she should watch the new Sunny Leone song ‘Babydoll’ video for the ‘Ragini MMS 2′ movie, they said Leone was copying her.

Sunny Leone allegedly done the same pose in the video that Shanti Dynamite did in a poster a while back, Dynamite said “I was like, ‘Oh my god people do such things!’ And it was very upsetting for me because for someone to use someone else’s concept to gain popularity is not good.”

Please watch the YouTube videos below – Is this just a publicity stunt to get Shanti Dynamite exposure for the Bollywood world?

Shanti Dynamite vs Sunny Leone after Babydoll pose copy