Pinterest Hindi language for India in settings

If you live in India and the latest Pinterest news slipped right past you, please read on because the pinning site has now added Hindu language for Indian users.

Pinterest is the highly popular pin-sharing site showing off a virtual board based on many categories, and now Indian users can go into their settings to change to Hindi.

Facebook and Twitter are way ahead when it comes to users in India, but when it comes to Pinterest it does not make the top 5 countries when it comes to user base or traffic. By adding the new Hindi language within settings will only grab the attention of India users.

If you are an Indian user you will only have to make a few small changes within settings to share pins etc in Hindi, just go to your Pinterest account settings and the rest is self-explanatory.

If you do decide to change to Hindi please be aware it will change the look of the typeface across the Pinterest site, other things noticeable after the change will include the navigation menu bar, user-submitted comments, pinboard titles, Pin captions and much more.

Do you think the Pinterest update will attract Hindi-speaking users?

Pinterest Hindi language for India in settings