Pinterest scams and phony links, do not open

There are always scams and hackers trying to spoil your day, users of the pinning site Pinterest are being warned about scams and phony links by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), if these are opened users are likely going to be attacked by these hackers.

This particular scam sees Pinterest users receiving an email, which looks like it is from the pinning site suggesting that one of their friends shared a pin with them, trust us when we say your friend had nothing to do with it.

The pins shown normally suggest a friend shared something to do with a giveaway offer or something to do with a celebrity photos and similar, if you click the email and it opens this is where possible issues could occur – you will probably be sent somewhere else online, which is not part of Pinterest at all.

Do NOT click the links, the site you end up being referred will probably contain a virus of some sort that reports on something fake and could potentially install nasty malware onto your PC or Laptop.

BBB is trying to make aware to Pinterest users not to open the emails or click the links even if they are from popular, trusted organizations.

The BBB suggests the following to Pinterest users, which could keep account secure – If you spot anything out of the ordinary please report the pin by clicking on the flag icon on the image, it is recommended you change your Pinterest password if you have any doubt at all, always log out of your account when not using and only ever use to log in.

Share pins wisely, basically only share after you have checked to see if the link is legitimate, if your account is hacked they can access your Facebook or Twitter account if you have synced these with Pinterest.

For more information about BBB scam stopper please visit here. Have you ever been hacked on Pinterest?

Pinterest scams and phony links, do not open

  • damama55

    We flagged an account and never got results until I went on line and sent an email to this Within a day we got the account pulled because a pinner had stolen a person’s profile picture and was posting with it. If you see a scammer or a fake pinner, send it to