Malaysia Airlines found, missing flight MH370 video is Facebook scam

Facebook scams have been around a while and the latest to hit is the Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370 found in sea – 60 people alive found video. The video in question, which showed up on the social site went viral and hackers are making profits when you click, download, comment, like or share.

The Facebook video looks real and we were all led to believe the missing plane with flight number MH370 was found in various places around Bermuda Triangle, the video grabs peoples attention with the big words saying, “Shocking video” and “Breaking” but please DO NOT open or share etc unless you want to be a victim of the scam.

If you see the Malaysian Airlines missing flight MH370 video show up on Facebook you HAVE to share to be able to watch it, the way the hackers earn the money is by those clicking the share button on Facebook to watch the video and then clickers get fake surveys etc, which could ask you for personal information, do not fall for the third party marketers just to watch the video.

The Malaysia Airlines missing MH370 plane has NOT been found and the Malaysian government have revealed the jet looks to be deliberately diverted. The plane apparently flew over either north towards Central Asia, or towards the southern Indian Ocean, off the west coast of Australia after leaving its scheduled flight path.

Please DO NOT watch any Facebook videos saying the plane has been found – If you know any information at all no matter how small PLEASE comment below.

Have you got any information on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane?

Malaysian Airlines missing flight MH370 Facebook scam video

  • robert

    i feel sorry for those familys i live in america but that is real sad