Google Plus growth statistics from 2012 to 2013

Google Plus started back in 2011 and already the growth is outstanding, some say that G+ is a ghost town with some not understanding it, which is why they have not taken the social networking site seriously. Below we have a few statistics of the growth from 2012 to 2013 Q4 – 1.15 billion registered users and climbing.

I started a new Google Plus community called “Google Plus is so much better than Facebook – right” because I wanted to know what people preferred, and we know many Facebook users will not leave for Google Plus. So for those calling Google Plus a ghost town let’s take a look at some figures.

The number of active and registered G Plus users is growing quarter-by-quarter, in Q4 2012 the numbers were at 223m and 435m respectively, in 2013 Q4 there were 359 active users and 1.15-billion registered users – And people believe that Google Plus is a ghost town. In the UK alone there were 2.8m active users rising to 9.3m in 2013, Google Plus registered users in the UK went from 3.9m in 2012 Q4 to 12.6-million in the same qtr in 2013.

Could there be a chance where Google Plus surpassing the likes of Facebook?

When it comes to mobile monthly active Google Plus users in Q4 2012 reached 92.7m (41.7%) and in Q4 2013 it peaked at 201.6m active mobile users on a monthly basis (56.2). UK numbers alone for active mobile monthly users are as follows – 2012 47.8% at 1.3m and 43% at 1.7m.

The Google Plus active users consists of 62% being men and 38% women, 31% are between the ages of 25-34 years old, these are the most active. If you look at the infographic below you can see the color differences that determines the age group.

Time spent on a Google Plus stream in 2012 Q4 was about 3.30 minutes, and in Q4 2013 the time spent on a stream doubled to 6.47 minutes.

Tone also had some great Google Plus stats, apparently and according to its report 28% of Google Plus users make around $60,000 per year, India and USA use Google Plus the most reaching 13.7% and 31.5% respectively, 1.5 billion photos are uploaded every week, it has also been noted that 42% are single.

The best time to share anything on Google Plus is Friday between 11am and 2pm and Friday between 7pm and 10pm, we are guessing these are UK times seeing as Tone is a site.

Are you using Google Plus? Please do let us know of you are registered and an active user.

Google Plus growth statistics from 2012 to 2013 infographics

Google Plus growth statistics from 2012 to 2013

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