HUVr Board Tech, fake vs real social mayhem

So many people were in awe of the new HUVr Board Tech, that basically uses the same technology has Marty McFly’s hoverboard in Back to the Future movies. When you watch the movie you will notice that Marty arrived in the future dated October 21, 2015, could new tech be coming soon? So many people have asked if the HUVr Board is fake or real and its causing social mayhem at the moment.

Let’s get one thing straight shall we, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand this viral campaign, video, photos etc are fake, it’s a viral masterpiece.

You have only got to visit the official HUVr Tech Facebook and Twitter to see the responses and debates, the HUVr Tech Twitter account has over 17k following, and on its Facebook page they have a staggering 142k already.

The video below is fantastic and well put together and does look real, the video the official website all looks real and even the questions and answers on Facebook seem rather believable. For example the Facebook page answers some of your questions, here are the answers - 1) Yes! This is real! We look forward to showing you just how real The HUVr is with a series of public live events coming soon to major US cities. 2) Yes! It is safe! Your safety is our highest concern. We wouldn’t release a product that wasn’t rigorously tested to the highest industry standards. When used properly, The HUVr is actually safer than riding a bike!

The HUVr Board pre-order form will be open within a month; shipping will commence in December 2014 internationally – no, seriously it will happen, do not be silly now.

Mashable even reported listed Funny or Die as the production company behind the commercial, and we all know that they are true pranksters.

So, do you think the HUVr Tech is fake or real?

HUVr Board Tech, fake vs real social mayhem