Queen movie social review starring Kangana Ranaut

The new Bollywood movie starring Kangana Ranaut has been receiving many good reviews of late, the actresses star performance as Rani is socially bliss and gaining amazing reactions over on Twitter.

Queen movie social review starring Kangana Ranaut

Please do watch the Queen kangana trailer below and see what you think, the plot of the film is simple really where Kangana Ranaut playing Rani is nearly ready to get married to Rajkummar Rao aka Vijay, but the wedding ends up getting called off and she embarks on her honeymoon alone.

If you visit Twitter the new movie called ‘Queen’ by Vikas Bahl is getting an amazing response, below you will see a few tweets by A-list actor Aamir Khan, he really praises her.

Since the Bollywood film released the tweets have been pouring in, Mamir did say, “What a film!!! Guys you have to watch QUEEN!!! Anyone who hasn’t seen it please go now and see it.”

The Queen movie hit an average of 20-25% occupancy at multiplexes and single screens according to a report by One India, by Tuesday and word of mouth the growth reached 100% and then improved on Sunday.

Please do check out the tweets below and see what people have been saying about the movie Queen and Kangana Ranaut.