Leonardo DiCaprio Twitter support after Oscars fail

The Leonardo DiCaprio Twitter support is very strong, and many fans believe he is being robbed of an Oscar in his prime and will probably get one when he is very old just like what happened with Paul Newman.

Leonardo DiCaprio Twitter support after Oscars fail

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar 2014 award did not make into the hands of the actor, but instead the gold trophy went to Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club.

Ho on earth has Leonardo DiCaprio not won an Oscar yet; many fans said he should have won so many times. He was superb in Blood Diamond, Inception, Beach, the stunning performance as Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and so many more the list is so long.

The actors first ever Oscar nomination happened 20 years ago, since the star lost once again to hold the elusive trophy Twitter fans have had their say. The Twitter trends included #Oscars2014 and #LeonardoDiCaprio and some of the tweets are heartfelt.

One tweeter said, “If this was Bollywood Leo DiCaprio would have won 6 Critics Best Actor Awards by now. He chose the wrong wood.” Another said, “They should make a movie on #LeonardoDiCaprio’s quest for an Oscar & give Oscar to the actor who plays Leo.”

Read some of the tweets below and then answer this question – Do you think the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar award should have been given rather than the Matthew McConaughey Oscar?