Gmail unsubscribe button prompts email marketing exclusivity

Will email marketing become a thing of the past? Google not too long ago added the Gmail “unsubscribe” button to its promotion emails, when a Gmail user clicks on the promotions tab they will see next to the address of the sender the unsubscribe link.

Gmail unsubscribe button prompts email marketing exclusivity

Most of the time users receive an email marketing something and if at any time they wish to unsubscribe they had to scroll to the bottom of the email and would then have to hunt down the unsubscribe button, most times it can be found with ease but then other times deemed very difficult indeed.

The new one-click unsubscribe button is showing for us (Show Above) – Do not worry eToro we did not unsubscribe from you its just to show our readers where the new button is.

Email marketers make it rather hard for you to find the unsubscribe link within their email, even though this all sounds like a god send some have said that this is a great way for Google to become the best email spammers in the world.

If you visit Venture Beat they really do make sense when they discuss about “Why marketers shouldn’t fear Gmail’s new unsubscribe button,” They do have a valid point of view when it comes to marketers not needing to worry about Gmails new button. Gmail users will find a way to delete the email anyway and in the end unsubscribe, Google are just making it easier to make customers happy.

Marketers should know that if an email users wishes to remove you they will, we can see the button already and have been using it. I only want the promotional stuff that suits me, and they will get the unsubscribe treatment if I do not like – its that simple.

Do you believe that Google will be the king of email marketing spam seeing as they have made it very easy indeed to eradicate other email marketers with ease?