National Autism Network social platform without set-up restrictions

There are so many social media sites out there such as Facebook, Twitter etc but none of them really cater for autism. This is where the National Autism Network social site can help; children with Autism could have many professionals supporting him/her such as doctors, teachers and many more.

The National Autism Network offers different communities, which include Parent / Guardian, Family Member, Individual and Provider, and all of them offer so much such as connecting with other individuals, parents and providers, you can share stories of hope, upload and share pictures, discuss matters in the forum, access to over 50,000 providers nationwide, nationwide and local autism events calendar and so much more.

Parent and guardians want a social network that allows them to share things with ease, and sites such as Facebook allows parents to share successes etc, some parents do set-up Facebook profiles for their child but for privacy and ethical reasons providers cannot in some cases accept friend requests.

It can take ages to search Google for anything to do with Autism to learn more, the good thing about the National Autism Network site is that those that join get access to nationwide provider directory, autism news, discussion forums, events calendar, thousands of resources, expert written content and so much more.

I personally know of children with autism and parents do need extra time interacting, they try to find the best possible way to make life a lot easier for their child so they are comfortable in their environment. There are many different cases of autism some more severe than others, but these children are bright individuals who just have their own special quirks – Give National Autism Network a go and see what you think.

You can join the National Autism Network website for free but you will get more access to more features if you pay $9.95 per month, $99.95 per year or you can opt for the lifetime access to the whole site for $149.95.

Are you already on the National Autism Network site?

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National Autism Network social platform without set-up restrictions