Gmail login Streak plugin vs default tracker

Not too sure why Google has decided to allow a Gmail plugin to monitor and track emails, the new Gmail login plugin is called ‘Streak’ that tracks any email that is opened and by whom.

Streak also lets Gmail users know how many times an email was opened, what time it was opened and even on what device, this sounds all very good indeed especially when it has the ability to the location of the person that opens the email.

This is all a reference to customer relationship manager according to Streak and it was first designed for marketing and sales professionals, but now it seems anyone can install the Gmail plugin and start using straight away.

As long as a user has Safari or Google Chrome they can install it, Product Reviews reports that it is very easy to set up, just visit the and click on the “Install Streak for Email Tracking” button, once it has been installed the plugin will be turned on by default, which you can turn on or off when you please.

If you install the Streak Gmail plugin please be aware that only 200 emails will be tracked, these will be free each month, additional tracking will be at a charge. Streak is currently free while in Beta and there will always be a free plan. In the future, Streak will offer paid premium features.

Do you think Google should implement email tracking within Gmail as a default and not a plugin?

Gmail login plugin Streak tracks emails

  • Scott McCarthy

    Gmail has had email tracking extensions for a long time. Yesware, BananaTag, Boomerang - just to name a few. Email tracking is old news. The only thing new here is Google making it an integrated part of Gmail.

    That would be bad news for Gmail. I’d have to switch to some other service. Not only would it allow you to track your emails … It would allow Google to do the same.

    I don’t want my email service and a tracking service to be one and the same.