New Google Plus menu search for food lovers

If you love food and restaurants you will most definitely like the new Google Plus menu search that has been implemented.

New Google Plus menu search for food lovers

There are so many restaurants offering delicious food, and if you are hungry it is always nice to check the menu out before booking or heading off for something to eat. The new Google search feature also on the Google Plus media site allows users the ability to type in “show me the menu for”, and then you just simply add the name of a restaurant to get the full menu list.

There is only one downside to the new Google menu feature; it is only available in U.S for the time being. This is good news for Google searchers and Google Plus members. This is a brilliant feature if you are looking for, dinner or brunch menu ideas etc.

It is a good addition because it means users will not have to search through loads of restaurants, all users need to do is search Google or Google Plus by stating “show me the menu for” and away you go. Just search for an eatery and then at the top right of their search page there will be multiple tabs for different parts of the menu such as dinner, appetizers or brunch.

We have heard that a few tweaks need to happen to make it even smoother - Will this new Google feature cause problems with Foursquare and Yelp?

Please visit this Google Plus page for more information, what are your views on the new Google Menu Search?