LinkedIn China version includes Weibo contacts import

LinkedIn is showing its presence after officially launching the social media site in China, at last the Chinese beta version of the network is now live under the name Lingying.

Thanks to LinkedIn releasing its new Chinese desktop version of the professional service, those using either Tencent Weibo or Sina Weibo will able to import contacts to LinkedIn within options.

Many have waited on the Chinese version of LinkedIn since Derek Shen was hired, he was the CEO of group buying website Nuomi as well as the head of the mainland-focused operations.

Twitter and Facebook cannot be found unlike the international version, and the ‘Groups’ feature is not within the Chinese version either, this is the feature that allows users to self-publish articles on users profiles – However, these could be added at a later date.

Fast developing areas such as China and India are important source of increase, so to launch the LinkedIn Chinese version was very important indeed. LinkedIn are hoping for an increase of 140 million professionals with the new potential market. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has always been allowed to function in China.

Because China censors content this is why Facebook and Twitter never made it, but LinkedIn has always been able to operate and promises to make sure they will protect members as well as their data and rights.

For more in-depth information about the LinkedIn Chinese version launch please visit this official page.

LinkedIn Chinese version includes Weibo contacts import