Facebook news feed overtaken by unwelcome pages

Being on Facebook can either be a pleasant time or a complete nightmare, the news feed is already busy from friends posts etc so it is not needed for a new feature that will possible leave your Facebook news feed being overtaken by unwelcome pages.

Facebook news feed overtaken by unwelcome pages

Facebook has reported they have played around with the ‘News Feed’, and this time round it will allow posts via pages you have liked or been tagged in.

It is fair enough to say that if a user likes a page they are willing to receive posts in their news feed, but to receive them just because someone has tagged you is ridiculous some are saying.

To put it in simple terms, Facebook users will get posts from pages you do not even follow mentioning those that you do. Social networking is a great way to communicate and we love it very much, but to make our Facebook news feed even busier than it is already, is madness.

Let’s say you follow Miley Cyrus on Facebook, if a photo has been tagged by a page you do not even follow Facebook may post that in your News Feed with Miley Cyrus mentioned in the photo header, this only happens because you follow that celebrity.

I for one do not like the new Facebook assumptions, why do I need Facebook posting on my News Feed. Some will say what the hell because friend’s posts pop up on your wall anyway if you’re tagged in it. Facebook

If you follow a celebrity, business or anything else (Pages) on Facebook you may just get posts pop up on your News Feed. Please read the full story here.

Do you like the idea of Facebook showing stories about topics you like?

  • kevo

    Love the ripped male models that show up because female friends like their pages…I am a straight male btw…