YouTube Downloader v4.3 release, not for Macs

The new YouTube Free Downloader aka ‘YTFD v4.3’ release is here, the new upgrade now features enhanced video download technology.

YouTube Downloader v4.3 release, not for Macs

The video downloading problem that was cause by moving to MPEG DASH adaptive video formats has now been resolved thanks to YTFD version 4.3, and users will now get fully optimized multi-connection download technology, which is a lot faster even when downloading 720p and 1080p HD videos.

YTFD offers so much more than just a video downloader, it is an MP3 converter and even a ringtone maker, YTFD users have the ability to convert video to multiple video or audio formats, which in return provides play back on mobile devices as well as computers etc.

Just so that Mac users are aware, YTFD does not support MacOS operating systems, it is only good for Windows PCs.

For more information about YouTube Downloader v4.3 and the new enhanced video download technology, please visit PRWeb here.