Twitter celebrities that follow back 2014

Twitter is probably the second best social network site to be on and you would be surprised in how many Twitter celebrities that will follow back.

Way back at the beginning of January 2013 a blog listed famous people that follow back on Twitter such as Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and yes even Justin Bieber.

We have found other names such as Charlie Sheen; it’s about just following them and seeing if they follow you back. Now it would take us here at OSM months to follow all the celebrities and then even longer to wait for them to follow back to give you a hard report.

The blog above is well worth visiting because those famous names are sure to follow you back.

There are many celebrities that have a Twitter profile now, other than Daniel Radcliffe. Those in music, movies businesses are all over Twitter and majority will update with daily tweets, celebs love it as much as you do trust us.

There are a few things you should remember if you want a celebrity to follow you back, make sure you follow the right celebrity and not a fake, only follow active celebs because they will be the ones that follow you back and last but not least if someone famous engages with you always engage back, and follow some of their followers, you never know they might add you back.

As it would take us ages looking for Twitter celebrities that follow back please do let us know what celebrity followed you back?