LinkedIn in India boasts 24m users

LinkedIn has over 270 million member across the world, 50 million of them come from the Asia Pacific region making the professional networking site very successful indeed.

LinkedIn in India boasts 24m users

24 million LinkedIn users come from India, Indonesia has over 2 million users and the same again for the Philippines, China boasts 4 million LinkedIn users and Malaysia has 1m users.

Australia has 5 million, Indonesia has 2m, Japan and Singapore have 1 million users. The growth in Asia-Pacific has grown to 50 million registered users, which is a massive 200% growth in less than three years.

The fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn is students and their percent is about 30 million on the network out of global user base of 277 million, so many universities have LinkedIn pages and the growth from 50 million will just get larger as time goes on, 24 million users in India alone is staggering making LinkedIn’s increase solid.

it seems LinkedIn is growing very well indeed, Its shares may have fallen slightly by as much as 15% in after-hours trading after it posted a weaker-than-expected outlook, but revenue for the fourth quarter increased 47 percent to $447.2 million from $303.6 million in the fourth quarter of the year 2012. Net Income for the 4th qtr was $3.8 million, which is a decline from the $11.8 reported in the fourth quarter of 2012. User growth is still very important and this is most definitely growing.

Do you use LinkedIn and if so what country are you from?

Source - TNW