Pinterest login reveals design overhaul

Pinterest has just had another major design overhaul; this time round the redesign looks great but will take some getting used to.

The social pinning site have added a few new things of late, the last being the new Pinterest recipe search filter, which included the new indulge me button – read more about this feature here.

However, this time round the Pinterest redesign is massive and can be notably seen. This update has not been pushed to everyone, only a few will log in to Pinterest and see the new layout.

Those of you that do have it will see new on-screen messages, the first saying ‘A new way to get around – We’ve made a few changes to how you navigate Pinterest.

The Home tab is located top left and this now allows users to get back to their home feed from the Home link, all self-explanatory really. Next up is the Explore tab, this is great because now you can explore all kind of pins by category or interest – when click you will see many categories as well as the ‘Preview! Explore Interests’.

Next up is the ‘Online’ tab, this is basically the one to click to get onto your profile, this will show your pins and boards, nice and simple – love it. The Pinterest search bar is now located in the middle of the screen, which is a nice touch.

There is a new ‘More’ tab, and when you click this you will be able to add pins, get help and even edit your settings and much more.

Have you got the new Pinterest redesign overhaul? - Please check out all our screenshots of our OSM Pinterest profile profile.

Pinterest login reveals design overhaul - explore more pins

  • millie

    I find it puzzling that there isn’t an obvious ‘Add a Pin’ button on your home page though! I eventually found it in ‘shortcuts’