Twitter redesign test shows Facebook, Google+ likeness

On the 4th of February Twitter gave its site a revamp and the layout looks hot, but now it seems a new redesign is being tested and a few are seeing the update.

Twitter redesign test shows Facebook, Google+ likeness

Matt Petronzio via Mashable noticed that his Twitter profile page was totally different than when he last logged in, the editor noticed yesterday the massive update that redesigned his Twitter page, the main picture, bio was all scaled to the left.

Normally as you can see below on our OSM Twitter profile page that the image and bio information is in the centre where it normally should be, but of you look at Matt Petronzio’s Twitter profile you notice it has moved over to the left.

At the top of the newly redesigned Twitter you will see a new list, which are Tweets, Photos/Videos, Following, Followers, Favorites and View.

The whole layout in our minds closely resembles Facebook and Google Plus; the new Twitter page layout is like a hybrid of the two. It is fantastic to see Twitter wanting to have a revamp, but the Twitter tests of the visual redesign of its profile pages are just too close in eye candy to FB and G Plus.

The Twitter profile picture is now a lot bigger and the tweet stream is now like a mosaic-view like Google Plus and Facebook, the vertical stream will be a thing of the past it seems. What Next? Maybe, one day the 140-character count on Twitter will no doubt go to 240 then 340 and so on until it is like Facebook cross Google Plus.

For more information please visit MashableDo you like the look of the new Twitter profile layout redesign?

The image shown below is of our very own OSM page before the redesign test.