Social marketing savvy for mortgage companies, brokers

Mortgages is a big business and with the rate of first time buyers rising many young couples are looking into investing into a property, this is where we talk a little about Social marketing for mortgage companies and brokers.

As we know many will flee to their banks because they feel comfortable with them, but there are customers who look for a broker or another company that can provide them with all the details they need about mortgages, figures and those already with a mortgage may want to learn more about amortization.

If you are a company or Mortgage broker wishing to get into social marketing please do remember your guidelines, we would suggest you read a little on ‘Marketing Compliance’ and Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) here.

Mortgage companies, brokers can succeed in the world of social marketing, it is a great way to get to know your audience, and you must have clear focus and only talk about what you know. It is always best to start off a social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ etc and make a new bed of contacts, it is all about social interaction and the more that know you will spread the word – we call this a social reaction.

It’s not all about knowing your new audience, its about getting to know your competitors, learn about them and where you can be better for your followers, have you got advice no one else has provided? Build a readership of other brokers and like-minded companies.

Facebook would always be our first port of call and then twitter, the social gathering between these two networks is staggering to say the least and if you cannot get a following from these two then you need to work on your social skills a little more.

Be ready to integrate with your audience, content has always been king so provide them with plenty, they want your help and you should be on hand with all the broker and mortgage know how. It is always good to have a specialized blog in what you know, but social marketing your name and blog is a MUST. You may want to learn a little via mortgage guru Kate Ford and her blog called ‘Ask Kate’, she is very good and helps out reader’s everyday – she has a good following over on Twitter.

Call it what you may, but this is social media marketing, its about getting her name out there and then readers take her seriously - and this is what she has done.

If you have any good advise on social marketing for mortgage companies and brokers please do let us know in the comments below.

Social marketing savvy for mortgage companies, brokers