Paisa movie and Nani Facebook following

The new Paisa movie has a great Facebook following of 5627 followers (Likes) and climbing, the film released on February 7, 2022 worldwide and is very popular indeed.

The Telugu movie directed by Krishna Vamsi stars Naveen Babu Ghanta well known as Nani and revolves itself around the power of money and how life revolves around it.

One Paisa (Telugu) movie review we like very much is by Filmy Time and they give Paisa a rating of 2.75/5.

In the review Filmy Time said that the positives include Nani’s performance, and that there are some really good scenes in the second half of the movie, there are a few twists as well. On the negative side of things they say that Paisa is very slow in the first half.

You can follow Nani over on Twitter where you can engage with his other 209K followers, he also has 1.7m following him on Facebook.

Have you watched Paisa The Movie yet, and are you following over on Facebook?