James Dean Twitter account, shut down conflict

James Dean is without a doubt a legend that everyone loves, and his fan base is still large with social media followers. There is no official James Dean Twitter page and if he were alive he would have been 83 and would no doubt have one.

@JamesDean Twitter account is being controlled by an unidentified holder and has over 8,000 followers, but the official James Dean licensing empire management firm believes the @JamesDean Twitter account should be shut down.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the management firm behind the James Dean licensing empire has sued Twitter for the unofficial profile.

CMG Worldwide are the ones behind the lawsuit that controls the commercial estates of a number of departed celebrities, the @JamesDean account has been asked to shut down for about a year now according to reports.

Reports suggest that Twitter refused to cooperate; CMG believes that the Twitter account damages the trademark infringement and the Dean estate, as well as conversion and violation of the Indiana Crime Victim’s Act and unfair competition, and reportedly false endorsement.

Here is the PDF complaint filed by James Dean Inc – Do you think the @JamesDean Twitter account should be deleted and the controller sued?

James Dean Twitter account, shut down conflict