Change Facebook Look Back video with edit

Those that uploaded their Facebook Look Back movie on their wall will be happy to know that you can edit it now, for those that were not happy will be over the moon now.

To celebrate the birthday of the social network users could see their very own Facebook 10 Years celebratory movie, my personal Facebook Look Back movie in my eyes did not show of my time since starting on the social media site well enough, I would have rather chosen Facebook photos I felt celebrated my life.

Many Facebook users were in the same boat as me, they did not like their own movie, but the good news is that you can now view your own video on your timeline with an ‘EDIT’ feature.

The new edit button on the Facebook Look Back video allows you to take full control, when you click on the edit button you get to change a lot of things now. Like ‘Your First Moments’ you can now change these photos but remember you can only choose 3.

You can choose 4 of your own ‘Your Most Liked Posts’ and 9 ‘Uploaded Photos’, when you scroll down to the ‘Photo Grids’ you can choose 38 of your own Facebook photos.

It is great news that you can redesign your own Facebook Look Back video to the way you want it, you can now also update and share your movie after the changes have been made.

Are you happy that you can now change your Facebook Look Back video thanks to the edit button?