Quitting social media not that easy

Back in the 80’s when I was a teenager there was no such thing as smartphones and social media websites, Facebook for example was only born 10 years ago. We did not miss these networks back then because we did not know about them – So would we miss them now?

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the most addictive social media sites, and in that order as well.

Many users try and quit these social networking sites but end up losing to the good old battle of addiction, some say that it is NOT an addiction and believing they do not need the likes of Facebook.

We talk to so many people online especially Facebook and Twitter, most are probably family and friends and it is a great way of staying in touch – but be honest to yourself – How many of them actually call you on the phone. We are not arguing the point because we are OSM and we want you to stay on the social media sites – but could quit social networking for a month?

If you visit Huffington Post Jordan K. Turgeon quit for 30 days, she went on what she called a detox, read her full story right here and see if all went to plan.

Have you tried to quit social media?

Quitting social media not that easy