iGoogle replacement using new BlueG dashboard

BlueG is the personal start page and web dashboard providing an ideal replacement for the former iGoogle homepage service. The Google dashboard that we all once knew so well can be loved once again thanks to BlueG.

iGoogle replacement using new BlueG dashboard

When iGoogle was shutdown for good many users were very disappointed to say the least and were looking for alternatives, and even though OSM supplied you with a few more there are new replacements being released, and BlueG is one of them – and we like very much.

BlueG enables users to create their own customized homepage that’s clean and clear and ad-free - exactly as it should be.

The site provides thousands of gadget apps to choose from including live weather and news feeds, together with access to popular services such as Google Calendar and Google Maps, all instantly accessible from the user’s homepage.

Hundreds of theme images are available for added personalization – Give BlueG a go right now and be sure to let us know what you think.

Will you be using BlueG as your iGoogle replacement?