Twitter design change with new hot layout

Twitter has just had a redesign that looks stunning, some may think that the new Twitter design change is horrible but we like it. The color has changed and the layout has changed marginally, even if you did not like the color upgrade you can change this in settings.

Twitter design change with new hot layout

The tweeting filled site with the little bird has just had its revamp to give it more of a classy look, but to be fair the design has changed to fit in with the mobile app. The new look when you log in to Twitter will be noticeable and may shock a few thinking something has gone wrong, but do not despair.

The normal black and blue styling has gone, and now a white and blue scheme has taken over, the new look was not mentioned and in a way the Twitter silence was good because it was a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning. The Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs at the top are much more prominent than before, there is a new “Compose new Tweet’ tab and so much more.

If you do not like the new color scheme just go up to the COG top left in Twitter, then click settings and then ‘Design’, in here you can change background, colors and more.

Do you like the new Twitter design change?