Robocop 2014 social followers vs 300 Rise of An Empire

New 2014 movies coming to the big screen soon are really getting into the social networking to spread awareness, two of the big films with one releasing in February and the other in March includes Robocop and 300: Rise of An Empire respectively.

Robocop 2014 social followers vs 300 Rise of An Empire

If you visit the official Robocop website you will notice a very interactive page, top right you will see a tab saying ‘Social’ and this allows users to either share the site or follow socially via Facebook, Twitter and even Google+.

The official Robocop Facebook profile has 575,754 likes, the Google+ page hasn’t really got anywhere as of yet, which is madness. The G+ Robocop profile has no posts at all, so what is the point of even adding the follow button! The Robocop Twitter profile has 16.8K followers and climbing.

The official 300 The Movie website is very eye catching indeed, if you want to know the worldwide release dates please visit this official page. Social followers are growing very fast indeed with 11-million likes on Facebook, there are 1320 over on Google+ and there is no dedicated Twitter page, you have to follow Warner Bros Pictures.

It goes to show that social networking is the way to go to promote a movie or brand, but 300 social followers are much larger than Robocop fans.

Are you waiting to watch the new Robocop 2014 movie or 300 Rise of An Empire?