Facebook wishes for 10th birthday celebration

Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday, which was founded on February 4, 2004. Before Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg first launched the popular ‘Thefacebook’; he started off with ‘Facemash’ on October 28, 2021 but then changed to Facebook.

Facebook wishes for 10th birthday celebration

There are many trends such as Twitter etc but nothing competes with the likes of Facebook, it is one of the most dominant names of today. Looks like Harvard University done Mark very well indeed, he was only 19 years old when he started the online social media site and 10 years on it has amassed 1.23 billion users.

Facebook is so popular there was a movie made called ‘The Social Network’; Facebook was basically made in the beginning for students but then spread very fast indeed online. 84 percent of Facebook users are aged between 18 to 29; it is a great network to stay in touch with family and friends and is also good to find your old school friends as well.

It has been said that young people are leaving Facebook, many young users love to be over on SnapChat or Instagram etc, women really love Pinterest – Does this mean that Facebook will start to lose popularity over a period of time?

Facebook purchased Instagram for a massive $1 billion, Facebook also launched its new Paper app to target news stories; Mark also offered a huge sum to purchase SnapChat, which was turned down.

When did you create your Facebook profile?