Ninja fast person switch prank video confuses girls

Stuart Edge is very good indeed at pranking the public and his latest creation is the ‘Ninja fast person switch prank’, and this one is very clever indeed.

The Ninja fast person switch prank video was uploaded to YouTube on 21 Jan 2022 and has already amassed 4,452,394 views and still climbing.

When we are with our friends we can get sidetracked when being spoken to by other people, but distractions occur more when you are put on the spot with a serious question about going out with someone.

This is where the prank comes into play, Stuart Edge and his friend talks to random girls and then confuses them in a quick super fast change.

Stuart would be talking with a girl and asking them if they would date his friend and when the girls get side-tracked for a quick moment he and a friends quickly changes jacket and hat for the girl to turn around and see a different man she was once chatting with.

Just watch the Ninja fast person switch prank video by Stuart Edge, its funny – Please do let us know what you think of the video.