Gmail outage followed by email delete glitch

Google users will be well aware of the downtime they experienced a few days ago, as well as the Gmail error 500 and Gmail code 93. However, there is a new Gmail bug that has affected the email delete action.

It has not really been a nice few days for Google, and now to learn of a new issue with Gmail after the services going down for a while only anger’s users that little bit more.

The Verge reported the recent Gmail issue and even though we saw no problems over on the Web side of things it was said that emails were being deleted when other emails were being selected for deletion. The glitch apparently started after an update according to Google.

There was an update for the offline version of Gmail and a few apps as well as the mobile browser, but have not heard anything if this affected the desktop version of Gmail.

The Gmail email bug has been fixed, it is wise for Gmail users to check their trash and spam folders just in case messages (Between January 12 – 21) have been sent to them.

Over on all social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter users search for ‘Gmail is down’ it goes to show how massive Gmail is and what affect it has when something goes wrong. It only affected 10 percent if users for about 30 minutes, all services are running smoothly now.

Are you still having Gmail issues?

Gmail outage followed by email delete glitch