Facebook bogus account finder with FakeOff

There are so many Facebook profiles no one knows for sure who is the real deal or the fakes, we all know that Facebook bogus accounts have been set up to impersonate someone else and in some cases this can be dangerous for the growing amount of teens signing up to FB – So what can be done to identify the fake profiles?

There is a new online app called ‘FakeOff’ that allows you to sync your Facebook account, all you need to do is visit the official FakeOff.me website and click on the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button.

When you visit the website they go into great detail explaining why the FakeOff online app is well worth using, they say they to the untrained eye it is very hard indeed to tell if a Facebook profile is real or fake.

Those that have created fake FB profiles can posts, upload photos and chat with other real users. But these Fake profiles could be innocent with just ad and marketing rubbish, but then could contain social-media savvy burglars or even worse sex offenders.

It has been said out of the 1.3 billion Facebook users 10 percent are not real, but FakeOff can detect fake identities.

For more information please visit the official FaceOff website for more information – Will you be using FakeOff for real-time Facebook protection?

Facebook bogus account finder with FakeOff online