YouTube Pakistan localized release not until 2015

There has always been promise of the localized version of YouTube being released in Pakistan; it now looks like the localized version will not be delivered until 2015.

YouTube Pakistan localized release not until 2015

According to India Today this set back has been caused by the ‘slow implementation of the ‘prevention of electronic crimes bill’.

In Pakistan the YouTube ban has been set for a while now, and it is down to offensive content being uploaded and YouTube has refused to remove these because it was against its policy.

The Pakistan government and YouTube could release a ‘localised’ version of the site, but just not yet. Negotiations are underway for the localized site, and this is allegedly going to become relevant in June 2014.

It also looks like the Pakistan government is blocking Spotflux’s data centers, we know that YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan, which happened in 2012, but there are services such as Spotflux that allows users to access YouTube etc. But now Spotflux is not working in Pakistan according to the services official Facebook page.

Spotflux have said that they will publish a detailed blog post about this; OSM will keep you all posted.