Choosing the right social media outlets for business

If you’ve heard the advice touting the benefits of using social media to promote your business, it’s natural to have a few questions. How should you market? What should you post? Perhaps the most important question is what social media outlets you should be using.

Choosing the right social media outlets for business

Interestingly, not all social networks are ideal for all businesses. While your business might do best to market on Facebook, another business might get more traction on G+ or Twitter. How do you determine where your efforts will yield the most fruit?

Where Are Your Customers?
Business Insider points out that the most important question to answer is where your customer base is located. You might be under the impression that pretty much everyone uses Facebook these days, or that most of your clients are on Twitter each week. However, assuming something doesn’t make it true, and different demographics find different social networks more appealing. For instance, Twitter has a very broad cross-section of society, but many users are business owners marketing their companies or products. If you’re in a B2B market, that makes Twitter a good option.

Facebook appeals to different demographic. G+ appeals to yet another demographic. LinkedIn is all about businesses and is only used by professionals (business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and the like). So, the first thing you need to do is determine where your audience is located and then choose which social networks to use.

Focus on One or Two Platforms
Social media marketing takes time and money. Even if the cost is only in the time that you personally have to eliminate from working on your business in other ways, it’s a very real factor that must be considered. For businesses with limited social media marketing budgets, which means it’s vital to spend your time and money wisely. Rather than trying to focus on every social network out there, focus on just one or two key networks and build your presence there. The primary two networks for the majority of business owners are Twitter and Facebook, but if you’re in the tech industry or the photography industry, G+ might be a better option than Facebook. Focus on just the core essentials, and then expand as you have more time and money.

Play Around
HootSuite points out that you shouldn’t focus solely on using social media for business purposes. Take time to play around with the various tools and platforms out there. Use them for your own personal social networking; figure out what’s what and how things work. If you don’t take time to play with things, you’ll never really develop the knowhow and familiarity you need to be effective with social media marketing for your business.

Stick to It
Many companies make the right choice in social networks early on, but they fail to follow through with their marketing plan. That’s because social media is a slow-burn thing. It takes time. There are NO instant results here. Slow building results can lead to frustration and aggravation if you’re not prepared for that reality, so go into this knowing that you’re going to have to wait to see success. There’s no magic bullet, no cure-all pill. You have to slog through the wastelands to get to your ultimate destination. Keep at it and it will come.

Leads to Your Blog
As a final note, make sure you’re tying all social media marketing into your blog. Choose the right option from the various quality WordPress themes out there, and then link back to your blog from your preferred social networks. Add sharing buttons to your posts and then see where your readers primarily share your content (that will give you good insight into where they live online).

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