Stan Collymore Twitter back online after mistreatment

The Stan Collymore Twitter account is back online; he reactivated his account after shutting it down due to abusive tweets.

Stan Collymore Twitter back online after mistreatment

BBC News reports that former football star deactivated his Twitter account after being abused racially, as well as receiving death threats after he commented about a football match.

According to the latest news Collymore deactivated his account overnight because Twitter didn’t do anything to stop these illegal messages, but Twitter reportedly said they did take action and since doing so two teenagers are being questioned about the abusive tweets.

The two in question include a 14 and 15-year-old from Liverpool and Bedfordshire respectively, they have not been arrested but BBC News reports that the investigation is still going on.

This all came about after Stan Collymore suggested that during Saturday’s match against Aston Villa Liverpool striker Luis Suarez took a dive for a penalty. BBC News reports quotes Collymore saying “”I deactivated due to more racism/threats overnight which are being passed on, and to see if twitter’s protocol works. We’ll see!” – but now his Twitter account in back online.

Below you will see a few tweets we saw on Stan Collymore’s Twitter account, for more in-depth information on the above and a full interview with the BBC please do visit Mail Online.