The Pinterest Diet plan book with weight loss recipes

As we all know Pinterest is one of the best online social media sites to be when it comes to creativity, designs, businesses, ideas and of course recipes and diets etc.

The Pinterest Diet plan book with weight loss recipes

The social media site has worked so well there is a book available on Amazon titled “The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin, which is available on Kindle for $13.19 and paperback for $14.31.

Instead of searching millions of pins for great diet and weight loss ideas you could just read ‘The Pinterest Diet’ book, it does not matter how much weight you wish to shed the book by Mitzi Dulan will help you set up the weight loss program to suit you using Pinterest.

Mitzi Dulan is a weight loss expert and registered dietician who has already amassed a massive 3.5-million Pinterest followers, she explains in detail about Pinterest having a lot of clean eating, inspiration, workout plans and support to help you with your goals.

He books main features include: How to “Pin 10!” Top 50 MSF Factor Foods, 30 days of highly effective and efficient workouts, eat to satisfy your own Unique Taste DNA, 5 Life Transformation Boards for you to create on Pinterest and over 50 easy-to-make delicious, clean eating recipes.

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