GTA 5 DNS server fixed except one 1.09 glitch

There is a known method of earning unlimited GTA 5 dollars via GTA Online, it seems that there is still a unlimited money glitch even after the 1.09 update. Everyone first thought that this glitch only happened after 1.0.8, but this does not seem the case now.

GTA 5 DNS server fixed except one 1.09 glitch

Below is a YouTube video by ‘iJordanb1409 | GTA Online’ and mentioned that even after the GTA 5 1.09 update there is still an unlimited money glitch, there were a few issues that even RockStar took a while to fix when there was a downtime period to do with GTA Online and the glitch mentioned above.

This glitch allowed both PS3 and Xbox users to earn a lot of dollars without the need to do anything, RockStar in the end did take note of this and fixed the GTA 5 DNS server exploits, they carried out a system update that in the end stopped gamers from joining the modded lobbies’ to earn millions in GTA cash.

All the above said and done, it seems like players can still earn unlimited case, the video below shows how impounded cars are taken care off, it is very clever and shows how it all works. It is all about duplicating over and over again to earn more money, hurry up RockStar and release a patch update.

Are you able to earn unlimited amounts of GTA 5 money? Please do let us know if you have come across this glitch on your gaming console – let us know what platform you are on.

This seems to be going wild at the moment socially, there seems to be other glitches as well with GTA 5 and if you visit the official Facebook page you will get to learn more about ‘GTA 5 Online Hair Glitch, Bike Glitches, Flying Vehicles’ as well as information one ‘Flying Tanks, Cop Glitch, and Invisible Speedy!‘.

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