Cursing toddler thug video is socially shocking

We have all heard bad language and profanities etc, but when all the above and much more comes from the mouth of a 2-year old baby it is deplorable to say the least. The Cursing toddler thug video is socially shocking and the mother says her sons smart.

The little swearing toddler video went viral and the latest news reports that he will stay with his 16 year-old mother with the same foster carers.

In the video the little boy knocks down a chair, sticks his middle finger up and shouts out swear words, he even said “Shut up, bitch.” OSM will not add any of the other words he used here because it is not good to read, load of viewers of the video said it’s disgusting.

What is worse is that the adults in the background are laughing at the little boy, in a way taunting the little fellow to carry on. The Omaha juvenile court judge ruled that the mum and son will be placed with the same foster family, the mother actually defends her son saying he is a smart little boy and all the swearing he did was down to someone telling him to do so, apparently her son does not do not because she does not allow it.

The mother said in an interview that the video was recorded by her brother’s friend and that se was in another room, she also said that it was wrong for the video to be uploaded and getting them into the situation they are now in.

We have not added the video below like we normally do because it is terrible to hear a 2-year old swearing, you can visit YouTube here to watch the full uncut video, you can also visit The Daily Mail for the up-to-date news on the matter.

Cursing toddler thug video is socially shocking