Devil baby attack scare prank video goes viral

What would you do if you heard a crying baby in a stroller/carriage? Yes, that would be the correct answer; you go and check to see if the little baby is ok. This is where the best prank comes into play on the general public of New York City.

Devil baby attack scare prank video goes viral

The stunning but very scary for some Devil baby attack prank video was uploaded to YouTube on January 14 and has gone viral on a big scale, and since then it has raked in a massive 19,094,262 views with 113,193 thumbs up and 5,485 putting their thumbs down, it has also amassed a staggering 25,378 comments as well.

The Devil baby attack scare prank comes with a little baby that looks very creepy indeed that sits up in its carriage and pukes on suspected victims. Forget Chucky the new Devil baby is in NYC to scare the pants of you; this new prank has been set up to promote the new ‘Devil’s Due’ movie.

It seems that prank videos to promote movies are going viral, not so long ago we showed you the stunning and well put together ‘Carrie Prank Video’.

In the new Devil Baby Attack prank video the baby carriage is being controlled remotely going around terrorizing the streets of New York, the public would approach the crying baby and boom heart attack begins for some.

Please do watch the video below – what do you think of the Devil Baby Attack YouTube video?