Promoting your business on popular social media sites

Social media websites are a fantastic way of promoting your business and increasing your target audience, for free! Social media website’s are progressively becoming more and more popular, being used by the majority of the world’s population and on a daily basis, therefore, it makes sense to use these social media sites to target your audience, widen the target audience and heighten the overall awareness of your business.

When we speak about social media websites, we automatically think of Facebook and Twitter, although these are two of the biggest social media sites, there are a few others that you should also take into consideration.

Here are the different social media sites, and the ways you can promote your business through them:

Facebook have made it very simple for you to create a business page to share with your friends, family and customer base. The more people that like your page the more functions Facebook will allow you to use and the wider your target audience is.

Promoting your business through Facebook involved writing posts and updates, asking questions and engaging your audience, the more like and comments your posts have, the more people you are making aware of your business. You can ask your customers to share their posts and photos on your business page (as long as it is related to your business of course) and ensure your customers interact with your Facebook page. You can even schedule posts for week in advance, so even small companies can make sure the post something onto their business page on a daily basis.

As with Facebook, it is simple to set up a twitter business page, allowing you to share tweets with your followers and customers, send out news and information on your business and products/services and share photos of your business. Furthermore, your Facebook and twitter accounts can be linked, so that each time you update one it automatically updates the other. This allows you to keep both social media sites updated, but with half of the work and effort involved for you.

Video content is becoming more increasingly popular, with the audience finding it easier to watch and take information in from a video than having to read pages of written information. With this in mind it would be a good idea to promote your business through you tube, with videos of your products/services or even happy customers promoting your business you can make sure you increase your target audience and ensure your business becomes more well-known.

This is a social media site for professionals, much like Facebook it concentrates on the individual, linkedIn is primarily about putting professionals in contact with one another, sharing details about businesses and allowing people to make connections. All you would need to do is created a linked In profile, join groups and add your pre-existing customers and business contacts.

Google+ is quickly becoming the social media localisation to rival Facebook, allowing you to create circles of friends and contacts, post interesting comments, news or information and communicate effectively to your customers. As with Facebook, people can like your business, thus sharing your business information with their circle of friends.

Another thing you should take into consideration is social media localisation which focuses on localising social media communications for foreign markets, this isn’t a simple translation of the website, it allows you to provide local social media communications to your audience, thus widening your audience by giving specific information.

What social media website do you use to promote your business?

Promoting business on popular social media sites